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to Debra Bishop, CKD, CBD, UDCP of Dwell On It, LLC

Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer, Universal Design Certified Professional

The interior of your home or workspace should reflect your style and taste. It should be beautiful, comfortable, functional, and efficient. Your space should inspire you. And your space should get the best value for your budget.

That’s why you found Debra Bishop. She is a space planner, kitchen and bath specialist and project manager all rolled into one. She sees your project from the idea stage, through construction and completion. Debra’s job is simple to explain but requires immeasurable skill: step by step, she transforms your vision of an interior space into reality. And she does it with the utmost value in mind.


2012 Winner of Contractor of the Year Award for Residential Kitchen 50K to 100K. See it here.

2017 NNE-NKBA First Place Award for Large Kitchen. See it here.